Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Boy-O-Boy, have I been needed a dose a' BIGGBY COFFEE! I didn't know it until just this moment how much so....I anxiously pulled out of my drive this morning, thinking about getting to Steve's store here in Grand Rapids on Fuller St. (the sky is blue and the sun is shining strong...still a little cool though), and the closer I got the better I was feelin'. I took a coupla' phone calls along the way...and before I knew it I was there. I hopped outta' the car...and right away I gotta "hey Bob" was Brian from Ferris...he had read my blog this morning and guessed where I'd be! We chatted for a moment in the parking lot...and then I hussled inside I got the greetin' of a's the BIGGBY way, ya know? I ordered an Iced Caramel Marvel...I been missin' them....sat down and fired up my laptop only to find a comment from my post this morning from made my day (you gotta read it!) She gave me a link to a something she wrote and now I am in BIGGBY heavan Note from the OFFICE thanks Nina!!!

I've just finished my Caramel Marvel...and I'm going to go interview some of the staff...I won't find Steve here...he and his wife just had a baby...Isabel, Congratulations!! baby Izzy


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Bob! My morning MJ hasn't been the same without your blog.

Unknown said...

I wanted to say thanks for making Biggby Coffee REAL for me. So many coffee houses aren't personal, but the people at the Biggby by my house know me by name. I love the coffee, I love the location, I love the people. Thanks for being so accessible!

Anonymous said...

Hello Biggby Bob! This is Toni Swezey from CMG that told you I would give your blog a look-see. I LOVE IT! (I am the girl that comes in to sell you mugs but used to work at Sufficient Grounds in Perrysburg)

I love a straight up cup o' joe(I'm partial to a N'awlins Chicory strong coffee) with a lemon poppyseed muffin. Nothing quite like it..... :)

Hope to talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

You were definitely missed! I love to read how much people love our entire system, not just coffee, but the whole experience. Keep it real and keep it coming! ch