Thursday, May 1, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- FENTON (coming soon)

I took a swing by Fenton MI today...4009 Owen Rd Fenton, MI 48430 to be precise....Store 181 ( go to BIGGBY LOCATIONS )'s opening next week, on Tuesday May 6th....Yahoo!

It was a great drive....and when I arrived it was chock full of was running full tilt....customers were coming in already....and nothing but smiles all around...Pretty cool!

I caught Steve and John there....both franchisees working on their locations, but training on how to open and such, for their stores. I love how people work together in this system, check out what they have to say about it...

PS...You can see the training going on in the background (Sarah)'s somethin'!

Another store opening on the same day is #187...Grand River Ave & Novi Rd Novi, MI 48375...Waltersdorf family...Great people! I will be visiting both these stores on opening day...if you see me there...I'll buy...till then


The Butz Clan said...

GREAT interview! I stopped by this store this evening and they were rocking! It was great to feel all the energy! Great job Sarah and Jeremy keeping things going in the right direction!

Sorry, I missed you Bob - looking to collect on my bet soon!

Anonymous said...

BIGGBY COFFEE has the best staff and support system around! It is so cool to see it in action! Great job to everyone for all the support. Laurin is going to be an awesome operator! Good Luck and B Happy! -- Cathy

Anonymous said...

BIGGBY COFFEE is such a cool place. Every opening reminds me of when I used to go to the dress rehearsal for my daughter's plays and think, "there's no way this show is going to come off in five days." It did - every time - and to a standing ovation. Our stores aren't theatrical magic - they're "BIGGBY MAGIC". Warm congratulations, Laurin!

Anonymous said...

Congats to Laurin on opening her store after so many years of dreaming. Her old crew at 139 are all super proud of her and we cant wait to come visit her in Fenton. It's going to be an awesome store!
-Betsy - Store 139