Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm Back...and I'll be on the road again!

Whew! It was good to have some personal time, but I am glad to be back....I've missed my MJ....I already had a big pot this morning:) I know where I want to go this morning...Can you guess? I'll be there about 10am...see you there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, I've really enjoyed reading your blog lately and thought I would share a few things!

The Biggby on Byron Center & M6 has become a central part of my family's life over the past year. My 4 year old daughter asks me every time we drive by if we can stop for a hot chocolate and a cinnimon muffin (she knows if she mentions the muffin I will stop!) She's almost built up enough courage to order on her own and loves that they top it with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Biggby also helped me break the news to my husband that we were having a new baby when I wrote the announcement on the side of my cup. We live 30 minutes away but find time to stop in a few times every month anyway.

Biggby is where I go to when I have time to get alone and find it the perfect spot to work, relax or meet a friend. In fact, Biggby was the inspiration for the feature article in a monthly newsletter that I write.

Anyway, I just wanted to share all this to say that we LOVE Biggby Coffee and are so happy with the wonderful product that it has become!

JD said...

Wow, Nina, what a very nice post. I also enjoyed what you had to say in the "Note from the Office" on the Ambiance Travel site. In fact, I'm looking to share that with the class of new franchisees and managers that are working in the Training Center today at the corporate office.

One of the things we teach in New Barista Training is that for our customers, it's more than just the coffee we serve--it's also the experience we provide. I think your comments spoke to that perfectly ("-but it just wouldn't be the same...").

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. -JD