Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fellow bloggers....we finally meet :)

hI don't often get a chance to meet (in person) people that I cross blog with, so it was a real treat when these guys stopped in and re-introduced themselves :)

PS notice the green trim...

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John Pavlick said...

So I guess I'm pretty much famous now. :D

Go to my blog, people! Comment and be wealthy!

Thanks for the coverage (and the free Mocha Mocha Big Chill), Bob! Good luck on your travels.

-K / John

PS - Oh, and it took me a minute to get the whole 'green trim' deal... I'll wait for Lynn to pick up on it and laugh at her if it takes her any length of time. :D

Princess Lynn said...


It was nice to meet you! Thanks for the free coffee - it was much appreciated!

*Just so you know*

I am not "the goat lady" (glares at John) I am the CAPRINE Princess! One of my previous posts (An Explanation of my Royalty 9-2-08) explains everything.

Check out my blog and let me know what you think! (*hint*hint* this means COMMENT!)

Thanks again Bob!


Anonymous said...

So, Bob, how did you hook up with these two? Did one/both of them mention BIGGBY in one of their posts? Or did they find you on your blog? I don't think that was mentioned in the video. I look forward to checking out both of their blogs.

JD said...

Yeah, Ms. Pacman/Galaga! I wonder if my high score still stands on the machine that's in the entry/hallway between BIGGBY and Spicy Bob's? I did the opening at that store back when I was getting regular practice on the machine here in the office--they had a bad Fire button, though, as I recall...hmmm...I'll have to play a game later, I think.

BIGGBY BOB said...

Yes...I met them by touring the blogoshere looking for those talking about BIGGBY COFFEE...I like to know what people are thinking!

Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here...
from above the 45th..

The galaga is gone, there is a lame pinball machine now...don't waste your quarters..
the pinball machine is an ADAMS FAMILY machine, that is the only thing goin for it...Gomez
so I don't know where your high score disappeared to...maybe cyber space! I don't know how you had time to get the high score on that machine, given the rigorous training schedule you put us through!!!!
Nick and Chanin are the best..
Much BIGGBY love
Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th

John Pavlick said...

Yeah, check out our blogs, and don't forget to comment! We'd love to hear from you.

And that Addams Family pinball game is seriously borked. But... there's a Neo-Geo with Super Bust-A-Move! in the back hallway of Mancino's, and it's only a quarter per play. I highly recommend it. (You know... for when you want sandwiches instead of donuts.)