Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shocked....Shocked I say!

Another...Fan for Life!

I relocated here from Seattle Wa and was a dedicated starbucks fan for years. When I first got here there were no starbucks but I saw a beaners and needed my caramel mocha grande fix. So I pouted as a drug myself inside and I was hoping it would be at least half as good as my very much missed starbucks. I was shocked and somewhat embarrassed to admit it was wayyyyy better than starbucks. Even though starbucks is now here in michigan I no longer go there. I never realized just how bitter their coffee was until I had it at beaners well now called biggby still getting use to that name change . Anyway awesome coffee !!!!! Fan for life!

GO LANSING (southside)!!


Anonymous said...

It seems like I heard that a lot, back when I worked at a BIGGBY store: "I never realized Starbucks coffee was bitter until I tried yours." Music to my ears. -JD

Anonymous said...

GREAT comments and so true...why go through life and be bitter! tcb

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I love these types of customer feedback! Rock On! SLD