Friday, February 27, 2009

Real ROI -- Return on Involvement !

Most business refer to ROI as Return on Investment ... we call it Return on Involvement :)

Dear Biggby Friends,

I sincerely thank you for your generous donations for the Special Olympics.

The “Polar Plunge” took place as scheduled, Sat. February 21, hign noon, Otsego Lake State Park, it was a huge turnout both for spectators and participants, the Law Enforcement Agencies that organized the event were absolutely overwhelmed by the number of people who participated, as this was a first time event for Gayl.ord. It was reported that around 11,000 dollars was raised by this event.

It truly was a very exciting event to participate in. No where near what I was anticipating, I recommend to anyone considering such an event “GO FOR IT” !!!! It was tons of fun and the water was warmer than the air temperature. The worst part was waiting for my turn to take my plunge, as it was a snowstorm.

At our Facebook site, Biggby-Gaylord, I have posted pictures from the plunge and the Gaylord Herald Times website ( has a slide show of pictures from the event. If you access the pictures, I am the partcipant adorned with Biggby Barista attire!!! (not the bikini) I even jumped with a promo mug in my hand. Keepin it all BIGGBY!!!!! (cuz they were my sponsor J)

Again, thank you all so much for you enthusiastic response and enabling my quest in life to be as wild and crazy as I can be, while still keepin it legel!!!!!!

Much BIGGBY love,
Barista Lady Di
From above the 45th


Anonymous said...

This is crazy and GREAT!!!!! After that kind of jump, you would have to get a BIGGBY drink to warm you up!

Anonymous said...

I got cold just thinking about it! Great job and thank you.

Anonymous said...

How Awesome! I think you would need a cup of BIGGBY before, during and after that jump! Brrr!

Anonymous said...

Lady Di - I think the ops team should go with you next year! TCB

Gen M Girl said...

Lady Di, you are the bomb... you go girl.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lady Di!

Anonymous said...

This brings back memories of The Polar Bear Club at camp. We would jump into the lake every morning; even in the summer that could be awfully darn cold! Great job on the fund raising!

JD said...

Hey, it should also be noted that the two pictures on the left in Bob's post are actually from a different event--those are from Debbie and her team in Muskegon! Here's a note from Debbie:

"We were able to raise over $400 for special Olympics with pledges and donated coffee. As you can see by the photos it was a wickedly cold day but fun was had by all and we are already planning next year's plunge team!

P.S. These photos (and many more) were taken by a Biggby Fanatic named Leonard who comes in daily and came down to the event to support us!"


Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here...
from above the 45th....

I was wondering who else jumped into ice cold water...and where that had taken place!!
How awesome is that.
I think it falls into the category of "The BIGGBY Way"
Having so much fun in life, and including coffee in that fun!!!!
Thanks to all who supported me, I had some very nice donations, from lots of generous folks.
I was able to raise over 500 for Special Olympics, thanks to many generous BIGGBY loyals.
Thanks again to everyone, I appreciate your support!
Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th..
where the weather person said the temps could hit 40 degrees very soon, finally :-)