Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is SPOT BOB?

SPOT BOB is nothin' but fun. I like getting out to our stores and mixing with employees, customers, operators, and friends alike! I have found that the truth in retailing is in the stores....not in an office!

We can take surveys and do focus groups all day long but nothing substitutes for being right there and hearing from the people coming everyday! I usually show up on a Thursday and hang out for a coupla hours in the morning...I have met thousands of customers this way...and have gotten so many great ideas!

I get to buy everybody a drink while I am there and it always feels good to be able to do that for people who support BIGGBY COFFEE and the BIGGBY way, everyday! :)

I love people and making friends... so I hope to see you there, at my next SPOT BOB!


Anonymous said...

GREAT picture and great article Bob - B happy have fun! TCB

JD said...

Hmmmm...I wonder if I can make the next SPOT BOB event. I want to see one of these first hand.

Anonymous said...

when is BOB coming to DEFIANCE biggby?