Sunday, February 1, 2009

Smart Poem

by Kevin Smart -- Perculator from the Waterford Store (hey Kari:) ), this was excerted from the BIGGBY Babble Book.

Ode to the Coffee Bean

Oh Coffee Bean, Oh Coffee Bean
So rich
and full of flavor
As you dance on my tongue
your boldness
I do savor

With milk, sugar, sometimes even Splenda
I enjoy a hot cup
with my girlfriend Glenda
I drink you without looking back
I enjoy you light, dark, even black

Oh Coffee Bean, dearest Coffee Bean
You are but a dream
Everyday I long to drink
Alas, if your temp is below 165
I weep as I pour you
down the sink.

I love people :)


CocoaCarmela said...

Kevin's definitely a customer favorite. Who knew he was so creative and thanks to JD who encourages the use of the Babble Book. It's a SUPER record of the culture of the store. Fortunately for us, Kevin uses it often!

Anonymous said...

awesome poem - what is a percolator? TCB

BIGGBY BOB said...

Percolator is a 'super human trainer' :)

JD said...

Hilarious! The first half of the first stanza can be sung to the tune of O Christmas Tree.

I'm looking forward to having Kevin in class this coming week--he's got a chance to earn his PERC pin and become official. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, JD, I got into the O Christmas Tree thing too. Then the poetry went over a cliff. Why exactly is coffee going down the drain? But any poet, real or imagined, who can work Splenda into the verse is OK in my book.