Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Dream Team

When I talk about what it takes to make a 'great' BIGGBY operator in our goes without saying ya' need a lot of skills!

Some of those skills have to do with a sense of business and some of have to do with how you get along with people...but a part of it, simply has to do with your 'work ethic' and your 'personal commitment.' A lotta things we can teach (like how to make coffee) and we do, but some things ya' just can't....I mean, you either got it, or you don't. And 'work ethic' and 'commitment' is a great example of that!

You know what I talking's one of those ideas, that if I have to explain it too much, then ya' probably don't have it... 'Course I've always wondered where it came from...Is it genetic (inherited or simply mutation?)'ve heard people referred to as type 'A' personality :) Or is it conditioned, is it something you grow up with in your family environment and then learn?

Well, I haven't commissioned any studies on it, but I figure it must be a little of both, ya'know? Well either way, here is what I do know...Irma and Jose Cayo have it in truckloads. I visited their BIGGBY store (their fourth) in Midtown Detroit, yesterday and there they were, workin' the counter just as hard as any staff person (if not harder.) I really couldn't ask any more of any operator than just that! Technically they probably don't even need to do it (be behind the counter), likely they have enough people that they could stand back and direct traffic...but it doesn't work that way for them...and I love that! I love that passion, I love that work ethic, and I love that's the real deal, and these guys Jose and Irma are a Dream Team!

I sat in their store for about an hour on opening day and it was busy. I love the location in Midtown Detroit, on Woodward, right out the door of Wayne State University...It's on the site of the old Vernor's factory...and when you go there (and you will have to go there!) you can some how pick up the provenance and the historicness of this location. It's all new building, but something lingers behind, call it 'pride from the past', but it hits you the minute you walk in the door (warmth, confidence, and a sense of friendly)'s everything Midtown deserves, ya'know?

Anyway I've rambled on little too much and I really just wanted to say 'congratulations!' Jose and Irma (and to the rest of your team)...your first day was awesome at 500 cups! You are the 'Dream Team'....keep on dancin' :)

I love that BIGGBY is on this historic Michigan site! Go Detroit! Go Michigan!


Anonymous said...

Jose and Irma are the real deal! Congrats to them on a great opening! TCB

JD said...

Had a great visit to the new Woodward location--the place was packed! Irma and cash and Jose' at the door, plus Alex and Sarafina, nothin' but smiles and great energy. One of the best visits I've had recently. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jose and Irma! I had a great two weeks working with you and your rockin' team at Wayne State! I'll be back for a visit really soon! SLD