Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another just in....thx, J

Thanks for the story Cathy...a little rough on the competition, but it's always nice to hear good stuff about BIGGBY :)

After consistently getting treatedly rudely by Starbucks employees, and swearing that I would never put foot in one again, I found myself standing in line at the one in Dearborn Heights, MI yesterday. (I had mistakenly driven past my Biggby's and didn't have time to turn around.)

As usual, the employees at this store (like all Starbucks) are unsmiling and terse, at best. I won't bore you with the details, but I am back to my resolution of NEVER EVER going back to a Starbucks.

To soothe my hurt feelings, I walked into my Livonia, MI store this morning - and, sure enough, there were those friendly, smiling, welcoming faces - patiently waiting while I stumble through my order - never having to worry about using the right 'lingo' - feeling like they're always - honestly - glad to see me.


Anonymous said...

Always fun in Livonia.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Glad she saw the light!

matt0701 said...

I love the smiling faces when I enter the Lima, Ohio store too! It always gets my day off to a better start...but the coffee helps too!!

Anonymous said...

A little rough on the competition, Bob. You going soft on us? Starbucks has richly earned the reputation it has for arrogance and coastal elitism.