Sunday, March 22, 2009

This just in ....from the rest of the WORLD!

Comment from the B-Heard Hotline C/O JD

From Leonard in Okemos, MI Store# 121

I use this BIGGBY Store as my anti-depressant medicine.

When I am feeling blue and need a mental hug I stop by. The crew there is awesome, my two favorites "Russell" and his partner especially.

The coffee is great but it is the 3 minutes of cheer that I come in for.


Anonymous said...

We are an oasis.


TTM said...

I just like the peace and quiet. I can get into my computer and really conentrate. Also, the great music background is so enjoyable. Oh, yeah, now we go on to the Carmel Marvel or the Butter Bear and I am in second heaven.

Anonymous said...

Many people love this store! I hear good things about it all the time, keep up the good work Joey and team! NM

JD said...

"Mental hug." Ha! I like that.

Anonymous said...

Keep on Rockin' it in Okemos! Nice job O'Conner's!-SD