Sunday, March 22, 2009

This just in ....from the rest of the WORLD!

[from the B-Heard Hotline C/O JD...

Wayne has the following comments regarding the Grand Rapids, MI location:


Last night I stopped by your store on East Beltline, just North of 28th St. I had never noticed the store before, but a truck was there changing out lights on the BIGGBY sign on the front of the strore.

I went in and was met with the most energy I have ever experienced in a food related store. The employees, Holly & Jenny, had me smiling and feeling good the rest of the evening. (It was in about 8pm).

I woke up this morning still laughing. So I had to commend you on an excellent store. I am now a convert :) Can't wait to go in again today!

Good bye starbucks

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Anonymous said...

What a perfect quote--notice she didn't say that she woke up with the taste of coffee on her mind. Nice job Holly and Jenny.