Monday, May 5, 2008

Where is Bob?

I rarely give out my destinations, but tomorrow is another special day….well for that matter it’s already been a special week (with the opening of the Atlanta store on Saturday)….but, back to tomorrow….I will be at the store #187 for it’s Grand Opening in Novi…and then I will be heading off to Fenton (#181) for it’s Grand Opening (map them here )...all that has to get done before 1pm where I am due back for my shift at the B-heard Hotline (do you know about it?)…so I’ll be getting up bright and early for my pot-o MJ, and then blowing out first thing.

If by chance, you end up at one of those openings let me buy you a drink (the caffeinated kind)…and we’ll chat for a while, K?

Till then, Bobontherun :)


Anonymous said...

Give the Waltersdorf family Novi) and Laurin (Fenton) all our best! We are so excited to have them joining the BIGGBY Family! How exciting is this? Three in one week! Cathy

BIGGBY BOB said...

Will do....