Friday, August 8, 2008

Brian...Geek or Dork?

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FYI this is not an endorsement of the product or concept....just a fun photo! I stumbled across this on flckr....and it jumped out to me right away. The word is Brian is Happy because he used a dollar off coupon....others like the fact that the B-Happy banner is behind him. The larger debate though is whether he is a 'geek' or a 'dork' (I can say this because I have called myself a dork) opinion is (without knowing him personally) that he is a 'ham' .....anyway no matter how ya' cut's just fun!


A2 Lebowsky said...

I'm going for a Ham!
He appears to be a funny guy, with social skills. That would rule out the other two options by my known definitions.
Ham it up Brian!

the fire hose!! :) :) said...

ham b/c he doesn't look like quite a dork or a geek.. but definately a combination of both which results in an expression that delivers "geek + dork + awesome = ham" haha

haworth68 said...

I personally know many geeks (including myself.) Many but not all geeks have glasses. He does not. That hair cut is more a dork. Geeks usually have more wild hair. He does not. I think he is a mix of dork and ham. However, his passion almost matches Diby and or Nigel.

Anonymous said...

Who's Diby? Brian is AWESOME! It takes Geeks, Hams, & Dorks in the world to make us all feel comfortable with who we are! Keep it up! Cathy

Nigel T. Monkey said...

Digby is my cousin, he lives and travels with Bob. Here is what he looks like:

Brian said...

I'll concede that I fall between geek and dork for sure. =)

@haworth68: I actually do have glasses but was wearing my contacts because I was out taking photos with the flickr group (easier to get up to the eye piece that way).

As for my hair well... that speaks to efficiency (geek). I usually keep it buzzed so I don't have to fuss with it. (Also I'm a single guy and have discovered that ladies like to touch a guy's head with super short hair like that =)

I'm glad everyone liked elliot_andrew's photo though. He's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think the picture shows dork behaviour, not geek. However, he is obviously "geeked" about his drink.

I would consider Brian a dork, he's so animated, though I do believe he has one of those tech jobs, undoubtably geeky.

Either way, I think we need to throw "nerd" into the pool.

Anonymous said...

I feel left out, that it didn't post my photo.

Brian said...

Sadly I'm quite confident that I actually fit all of those categories depending on the time of day and my caffine intake.

Jamiers said...

I would like to confirm Brian's last comment. Only do I say this because I know. And its ok, we still like him. We actually all got together and decided not to kick him out of the gene pool, simply by pure entertainment. This picture is pure awesomeness. (spoken from his favorite *and only* sister)