Sunday, August 17, 2008

Computer Experts found at BIGGBY COFFEE

Barb H...took her computer to BIGGBY...and this is what happened...Go to her BLOG

You can always count on people to come through. I just got a laptop and have been in the process of getting ready for a trip and NEEDING to be able to access e-mail. For my dry run of WiFi I decided to go to Biggby because it's sortof like home for me. I got stuck right away because I had to find my wireless access and had no clue where that would be on this new machine because I've never had to know. I looked around at the 3 people using laptops here and asked one young woman who had me up an running in less than three minutes. What a relief and cool feeling of freedom to be able to sit here and sip my favorite Biggby's Best/Hazelnut combo and write.

On a little business note, the Gift Therapist has put the CADDi in her top- 20 picks for this year.

Ya' never know what can happen at a BIGGBY!

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