Saturday, August 2, 2008

Crickets in Toledo

And so I shot down to Toledo (with a full tank of gas!) and I was lookin' for Erika....queen of BIGGBY in Toledo. But it was Friday afternoon...and she was makin' the rounds to all the stores...I took a gamble to see if she was at Cricket West. Instead I found Ashely (sp?) and she was working was that store busy for a Friday at 3:30 pm....she made me a Iced Teddy Bear, yuuuumy! Anyway I hung out for a while and it was so steady I couldn't even get up to do an interview....finally I found a break in the action...but even then, I only got a few minutes on tape before I had to say goodbye...Cricket West Rocks!


Anonymous said...

Those of us with ladies shoe size 11 have a great understanding! You are all just jealous because you can't walk on snow like we can... :-) Have Fun and keep it up!

The Butz Clan said...

Ashley - cmon the new card looks