Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pushing Forward....pretty amazing!

People keep asking me 'how is it you guys keep opening stores while others are pulling back?' BTW....here is the schedule for the next round of stores coming to market...to find the address of a store click on LOCATIONS and then click on the store #...

258 Detroit 8/24/2008

196 Owosso 9/16/2008

266 Muskegon 9/16/2008

254 Coldwater 9/23/2008

206 Lansing 10/7/2008

260 Waterford 10/14/2008

Well I know everybody is lookin' for the magic pill...but sometimes it can be a little more simple. Ya' have to keep in mind that we have always been "scrappers', the underdog, the company that just had to pull up it's bootstraps and get the job done. We haven't had the luxury of Wall Street money that could be burned, with a few mistakes....and apologies.

We have had to work harder, smarter, leaner, and tougher than anybody else out there. So when things get a difficult (economically speaking)...it's not that we don't notice :)...it's that were built for this moment, ya'know?

Now with that 'Can do' spirit comes a 'Positive Mental Attitude' that is unparalleled...mix in a little 'Mid-Western work ethic'...what does all that produce?

Fun...that's right Fun. It's weird but when work, is not work, but fun instead....great things happen 'to all of us' and that's the answer to 'how we keep opening stores' .... pretty cool, ya'know?


leanscout@msn.com said...

If cost, quality and delivery of a product are essentially the same, as the competition, then focus on the Customer will always win out. When companies get large, top heavy and bureaucratic these items tend to suffer. The example I think of is Wendy's. When Dave T. died I noticed that the prices went up. They introduced new items that their customers did not care for. Now Arby's Owner, Billionaire Nelson Peltz bought Wendy's. Biggby Rocks. Just a thought -Hummm.

Anonymous said...

We do take great pride in our customer care and this is at all levels of the company. We also have an amazing recipe to get through those hard times. No matter how bad things get people will always want a good cup of coffee!

Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here
from above the 45th...

Are you guys and gals all down there havin fun without us??????
Much BIGGBY love,

Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th

BIGGBY BOB said...


We will all be at the POST in EL at 11pm...you can still make it!

Anonymous said...

We love Beaners(yes we call it that) But got to tell you the new card thing...Stinks.

What sets your stores way above the big-chain-on-every-corner-over-priced-and rude...(Starbucks)is that most places are friendly and our favorite in Okemos Mi. is very friendly and always would give and extra punch (esp. if you were close to filling a card) What did it cost them? Nothing their loyal customers would pass by say the one in Mason or Holt (not that they aren't good) always pass by the other in Okemos (not friendly at all) to go to OUR branch. So seems like you are shorting a good store to make it the same as the other so so stores.

Anonymous said...

Because each of our stores are privately owned our service varies... But... All are Awesome and fit the personalities of different customers! We have the WORLD'S BEST Operators and Customers! It is great to be a part of a company that hard work is rewarded. We all work very hard and we are rewarded with playing hard! Our Corporate Team Rocks! Our Operators Rock! and our Customers Rock! Thanks for the ride! Digby Rocks! He has been missed! He's still a bit shy. clh

Anonymous said...

so much for your employees

BIGGBY BOB said...

Hey now! That was an employee...written from their perspective, BTW...don't forget to smile!