Monday, August 18, 2008

Governor Granholm Gets Mugged at a BIGGBY COFFEE

So I was at the second (but probably not last) Grand Opening of the 100th store....I met Melanie Brown, Deputy Director to the Gov....and she was a real sport and an awesome interview! Goverment sometimes feels like goverment and not real people....Melanie made it real....Thanks Melanie!!!! :)


Anonymous said... get the prize for speedy video editing and! It was great to party with you and family and friends...and YES of course there will be more grand openings for the 100th store! (each day is so much fun it seems like a grand opening event!)...the Glendinnings

Anonymous said...

Nice interview with Ms. Brown, who is a very nice lady. You would think...with the current state of the State, that the Governor would be glad to show up to take note of a positive Michigan business achievement. One achieved, I suspect, with no tax breaks. Alas she wasn't there. But surely the Lt. Gov. could stop on by. I mean, what exactly does the Lt. Gov. do all day? Reminds me of the joke about two went off to sea and the other became Lt. Gov. Neither was ever heard from again. But I digress. The Lt. Gov didn't make it either? Sheesh...what does somebody have to do in our state to get a little recognition from the elected officials, layoff 10,000 people?? Or maybe they take the local success story for granted. Google opens in Ann Arbor promising 1,500 jobs, gets oodles of corporate welfare for the already rich, excuse me, tax incentives, lead treatment on the news and the Governor front and center. Sometimes it seems that none of our world makes a lick of sense.

BIGGBY BOB said...

half baked...I get it what yer sayin' ...but it's not the BIGGBY WAY to complain about all that, ya'know? And ya gotta admit (if you've ever seen the State of the State), Melanie was a good fit!

Now there is a lotta talk at the State level about supporting small business and being on the side of entrepreneurs...and we're not exactly feelin' the love....yet :)But we don't worry about it...who's got the time :)

Anonymous said...

OK Biggby Bob. I get that successful people don't complain they just move ahead and get something done. It's people like me who just sit around, surf the web and play fantasy football :) With that, I'm going to stretch, rearrange my pajamas and rant further.

JD said...

Oh man, fantasy football time already? One of these days I'm going to really throw myself into that...I've messed around with it a little bit, and think it's a great way to get a little bit more out of each and every game (to my wife's chagrin), because you will almost always have a stake in at least one player on the field...time consuming though...yikes! Thanks for getting me on the ball, halfbaked! -JD