Friday, February 6, 2009

A note from Jeff in Jackson:)

Every once in a while a story crosses my path that just sounds right...I have had two, in two days... Can I just say - I Love my job :)

I love how every time I enter this Biggby....well, any Biggby.. I get a warm welcomed by employees who feel like they want to serve me. I used to be committed to Starbucks and that was the only place I would go, it wasn't until a Biggby employee suggested that I tried there drinks. So for the first time last summer I walked into your store (first Biggby I ever been to) I was welcomed by happy employees.
They took my order and engaged in conversation with me, which shocked me on my first visit. I asked, "Why are they talking to me?" Because those at Starbucks and other places don't really care to speak with you. You just order, get you drink and that's it.
So now I'm addicted to Biggby by its welcoming environment and it's taste.
Some of the employees are starting to know me by name and what drink I get which I like.
Keep up the good work!


JD said...

P, E, R, C--It's all there, baby. Pedegogy or not, this is a perfect example of how things can go when staff members drink the koolaid, which usually just means showing them PERC and then getting out of their way, right? It's just about making people happy. Beautiful, huh?

Anonymous said...

Jeff is coming in to our office to do a job shadow with marketing guru Nicole - EXCITING! TCB

Anonymous said...