Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- It's amazing....

It was a short drive to get over to Northville..... I'm pretty fired up! I love Opening Days.....they are such a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and general anxiety about how it's all gonna be. I found Kim and Bruce right away.....they were workin', keepin things movin'.....out front and in the back. It's such a big day, 'course the whole time I'm here, there are customers comin' and going. These guys musta really beat the streets, cuz it seems that everybody walking in had one of those coupons.....Way to go! But something else is going on too...people that live nearby have been waiting in anticipation....dropping by, wanting to say how excited they are that we are here. But too, I saw a lot of nearby business owners stop by.....they show support ya'know, that's the way it goes with people that own their own business, they know it takes a lot....and they make sure that everybody they know....knows!

Well we have some of the best trainers that I've ever seen.....that's Caroline there up top....Smilin' (as she always does), but workin' hard...reachin' for the stars! Every time I look up there is a line of people....and today isn't exactly the perfect day either....not cuz' it's April Fools, but the wind is howlin'....and it's wet all over...some how it doesn't seem to matter....people are comin' anyway! Ya' gotta to hand it to Bruce and Kim....they have done everything right....people are trained, store is stocked right up....and I love the location!
I just overheard another customer.....said.."I've been lookin' for your open sign everyday" ....music to my ears!
Congratulations.....you guys are doing great!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bruce and Kim. Your hard work, persistence, optimism and faith are all bearing fruit! Much, much success always!

Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here...
from above the 45th parallel
where it is STILL WINTER and WAY TOO COLD..

I truly enjoy my Barista positon.
Hope your Barista's enjoy it as well.....
Heres to the opening of your store.
Nick and Chanin are the greatest.
Hope all goes well and just as anticipated.
much BIGGBY love
Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th parallel

The Butz Clan said...

Bruce and Kim,

Your store looked great today. I know this has been a long journey but your pride and persistance is showing through and your store will be a flagship for BIGGBY COFFEE.


Becky said...

Having lived in the Lansing area for 4 years, I am a huge BIGGBY junkie. I will definitely be stopping in to check out the new store in Northville when I'm down that way later this week.

P.S. Caroline is the best trainer one could ever ask for :)

Unknown said...

Hey Bob,
Don't you know we all keep coming we are the best and brightest Biggby Coffee customers. By the way, the kids in the shop near Frandor on Coolidge are wonderful too. They are friendly, smile and joke a lot they all seem to have fun at work.
Ok since when did Biggbys coffee end up at Wal-Mart. I was doing my monthly grocery shopping yesterday and low and behold I wandered down the coffee isle and there they were bags of Biggby coffee including my M.J. So of course I bought a bag. So when did this happen. Spill the beans now.
And congrats for growing more and making more Biggby people happy and converting some of those St-----k's people too hopefully.

BIGGBY BOB said...


....and so it goes, yes we are being tested in select Wal Mart stores right now...And actually we are placed in over 250 grocery stores in Michigan and surrounding states.

The story is that various grocery stores have asked us to supply them with coffee over the years...and we have always obliged, where it made sense...

Grocery stores have a measuring tool out there, that ranks the various coffee brands in the marketplace, and for whatever reason we keep moving up, and up, and up....and the more we move up the more phone calls we get.

So just don't be surprised if you find us in your grocery store...just another way to get your MJ :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,
Sorry I missed you on Tues. I had the day off. Hope you can come back to the Northville store soon. It really is a fun place to work. Bruce and Kim are great and so are all of my co-wokers.


Anonymous said...

Deb is cool. Opening day was fun!!!
<3 Kary

Mary Packer said...

Are there any Biggbys in Nashville!? I will be down there for Spring Break and can't imagine a vacation without my Mocha Big Chill!

BIGGBY BOB said...

MP, no BIGGBY COFFEE locations in Nashville yet....although a great idea... you want to be the first?

BIGGBY BOB said...

Deb and Kary, I'll be back!

BIGGBY BOB said...

Becky, Thanks for bein' a BIGGBY junkie...me too! Northville will be waiting for you!