Monday, April 7, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Lansing (North Cedar)

Tell me that's not one happy lookin' crew :) !

Left to right....Nick, Jessie, and Josh....

I had to stay in town today...cuz I had one of those important meetings over at the roasting on my way I decided to visit the North Cedar location right here in Lansing....It's a beautiful day...and ya' can feel things buzzin' in the air.

Now you'd think on such a beautiful day....that nobody would be happy workin' inside...but it wasn't true....I slid into the store only to be greeted right away by Jessie....I was a little undecided on what to have today....but she helped me out right away...she had a couple of questions for me (coffee drink?, sweet?, iced? er chilled? was settled in short order Iced Caramel Marvel....I asked her why I should get it? And Nick piped up and said...." 'cause it's one of a kind" and man was it hit the spot!!

This crew obviously has been workin' together for a while...they were tight....people were comin' in, but it was really all about the drive thru today.....I sat up by the front window, and kept watching them come.

I gotta to hand it to Patty (she is the franchisee at this location) visiting with this crew was like walkin' into a big family reunion....ya' may not recognize everybody....but you definitely feel like you belong! They were personable, knowledgeable, and was great! Thanks Guys!!!!

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