Monday, April 7, 2008

Desperate for coffee....

I was coming home late one night from a presentation....and I had forgotten to pick up a pound of MJ for my pot-o-coffee in the morning (I can't live without it!)

Desperate...I began to run through all the scenarios of where I could get some BIGGBY COFFEE at that hour....when all of a sudden I drove by a Felpausch grocery store , and it called out to me....quick as I could, I did a U-eee.

I forget sometimes that BIGGBY COFFEE is in about 250 grocery stores throughout MI....I like to buy it at a BIGGBY cafe the best....but sometimes it's good to know you can find it someplace else too. Havin' our coffee in grocery chains has never been intentional for us....but we started getting some requests back in the early days from small local chains around the Lansing area....and it's just kept growin' from there. Now some of the bigger chains like Meijers carry us too...and it's a good feeling to see the BIGGBY brand hold it's own with all those national coffee brands sittin' on the just goes to show, people love us, and they love our coffee!

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