Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zach -- Kalamazoo MI

So it was Tuesday when I recorded this....and it was a great day! It was time for me to visit the West side of the State (again)...and I was quite geeked, 'cause I had it on my mind to visit Judith's store in Kazoo. She is one of those 'top shelf' franchisee's we have....When you go into her store everything is just right....including her staff. The day was sunny...and I couldn't wait to get to the store. I wasn't disappointed...I met Zach there...and he was true, animated, and honest (almost brutally so) ....just the way I like it!

and just so ya' know, the people that work at BIGGBY COFFEE are the best! How do I know? I'll tell ya'...when I am out there and I run into them, this is what I notice....they're happy, they like to have fun, and they love people...ya' just can't beat it!


Anonymous said...

The store on Gull Rd is a fabulous location. I spend many an afternoon/evening there reading and studying and I love the atmosphere. Kudos to Zach and the crew, they make it a great experience.

Anonymous said...

Question, though: When is the Peanut Butter Big Chill going to make its way back into the rotation?! The first time I tried one was late last summer right before they were pulled off the menu and I've been craving one all summer!

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anything more emblematic of what BIGGBY is all about more than Zach being able to look into the dining room of his cafe and nod and say, "yeah, I know them all." How cool! Way to go Zach - and Judith.