Monday, April 14, 2008

A Kazoo story or 2

Not everybody will understand this of course...but our store owners have been giving out free Kazoo's. 'Course nobody knew what to do with them at first...(ya' hum, not blow.) Anyway...I've got a few snippets from our barista's about whats goin' on with them and a video...

If anybody else submits a video to youtube tag it with the keywords BIGGBY COFFEE I can find it....See y'all in Escanaba tommorrow.

Christie from store #128: I had 4 customers participate in a contest. They were in teams and had to play a song. Whatever team played the best song got a free drink. They were really into it and we had the other customers and staff vote on what team won. Everyone had a great time!

Misty from store #182 Grosse Pointe: A teacher at one of our local high schools picked enough up this morning for her whole family to use on a road trip to Lansing today! So if you are along I-96 and hear kazoos, that would be Mrs. D and family. We were promised a full song tribute when they return.

Another lady just stopped in and picked up 20 for her girls' softball game today.

Some addititional free promotion we are getting this weekend is one of our regular customer's is producing a local play. She said they had been using our coffee cups as props, but someone accidentally threw them away. We gladly replaced them and she was ecstatic! You can't buy a more loyal customer :)

Donna from store #174 – Shelby Township - Let me start by saying that there sure are a lot of customers who need kazoo lessons, and we were/are happy to accommodate. People are delighted when they realize they have mastered the art of KazzoB. One customer even noticed that the kazoos are made in the USA. We have since shared that tidbit with other customers and it has met with a happy response.

Andy from store #214 – Grand Ledge - we have had the most fun with the kazoos! ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY! We have been playing songs for customers upon request and they have been playing songs with us it has been great fun!

Barker Group – Store #191 Grand Rapids - as soon as i give it to them, they just hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, laugh!! big smile on their faces! and leave in such a better mood!!!!

Nicole from Store #130 Sylvania, OH - The customers love them at the drive thru we've been humming every time a customers drives up; today is "B HAPPY FRIDAY!" Every customer that left so far has left in a great mood! This was such a fun thing to do! And the customers are so surprised! This was a great experience for me; THANK YOU!!!!

Judith from Store #150 Kalamazoo - Customers are loving them, "made my day!" Last customer said she works in a tax office and ask for extra one since they needed some fun today

Justin and Staff from #159 – Grand Rapids - So let me begin by saying I thought it was a little odd this whole kazoo thing when they first arrived at the store this week. I mean kazoos of all things? However - the looks and most of all the HUGE smiles that have graced the faces of each and every one of my customers this morning is unbelievable. The best one came from my early morning long time regular, who has never been very receptive to outgoing cheery staff. When I gave it to him I thought I should duck first, Just in case he threw it back at me. Let me tell you this man who I never see smile let out a laugh that the entire 15 story building we are in could hear!!! Kudos to who ever thought up this one! Thanks for the laughs!

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CoffeeDame said...

Haha. I love my Biggby Kazoo. I have it my purse right now. Definitely made my day a ton better! Great Idea!