Tuesday, April 8, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- smart people, making the right choice

Thank you 'lady di', she made me think of something that is pretty cool....

Our franchisees come from many walks of life....but there is a certain subset of franchisees that I wanted to talk about today. These people come to us from other franchise systems....it's not that they are unhappy (quite the contrary, most have ongoing business)...it's simply that perhaps they have reached the end of their own territory limitations, or maybe they feel that growth in their industry is a little tapped out, or that they simply want to add to their portfolio....the reasons why don't matter as much as the fact that these people are experienced operators, typically with multiple units, and much experience in working in a franchisee/franchisor relationship for years and years.

So, it feels good that they would choose the BIGGBY system....knowing that part of their own approval process is the sum of experience and judgment that they bring from these other places and organizations. We appreciate this endorsement and acknowledgement...and we appreciate the faith and confidence that it takes to make this kind of decision.

So 'lady di' thanks for reminding me about how cool things are!

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