Monday, August 11, 2008

Anything weird happen to you today?

John Cook
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The BIGGBY B-Happy Bouncy Ball....what a fun toy! So many people have ordered them off the B-Happy Lounge the lounge that we ran out! Course it seems irrational but what doesn't today? It's 60 degrees this morning in Michigan and it's August! Gas (the news says this morning) is back down to $3.80....and after it being in the low-$4's, all of a sudden it sounds like a good deal, what?

Course that's the way of life...being unpredictable, so you might as well have fun and B-Happy, ya'know?

I've been getting ready for our annual franchise meeting and have not been on the although I'll be touching base, updates might be a little wanting....but keep checking in...ya'never know! :)


Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here
from above the 45th.....
fresh back from vaca in the great outdoors....(northern WI) woot woo

I am getting as bad or as good as Bob, I was on the road and I had to do it....stop in at the nearest BIGGBY.
Escanaba, and naturally I needed to introduce myself to the Barista crew on duty...Katie and Char.
I also had the pleasure of meeting Cindy, (the owner) what a wonderful lady.
She was informing me of her excitement this week. The U.P. state fair starts and BIGGBY was providing the coffee for the govenors dinner. What could be better. Doesn't that sound like fun.
I also needed to take pictures, of their location, imagine that, hopefully I will be able to post them soon, I am a bit technologically challenged and need the help of guess who....yes, thats right---the kids.
What a beautiful building they have in Escanaba, I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to visit. They have a great outdoor seating spot, which includes a wonderful mural on the side of the building along with, of course the BIG B.
I had a wonderful visit and now am wondering if I have started something crazy. Cause, I needed to also ask for the shoe sizes, dont worry gals, your secret is safe with me!!!
So...Bob, what am I to do?????
I believe I am afflicted with the addiction.
much BIGGBY love,

Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th

Mel said...

I was one of those people who ordered a B-Happy Bouncy Ball, and my girls were thrilled with it. We took it to a park and played bouncy ball football with it. What fun!

Elmwood St. Biggby, you're the best!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Bob will Digby be attending the Annual Franchise Meeting?

BIGGBY BOB said...


Anonymous said...

Will Cuppa join him as well... They do make quite the pair... Either way! The Franchise Meeting is going to be AWESOME! clh

JD said...

Ah, Barista Lady Di, I'm jealous! I haven't been to the Escanaba store yet...not quite sure how I'm going to create an opportunity for up-north camping trip with the missus is not gonna' happen (Megan + Outdoors = Pout ;), so perhaps if they were to open another store I can get "the call" this time to participate in the opening. Fingers crossed, -JD