Friday, October 10, 2008

What happens when you communicate!

Yesterday I had a great time in Farmington Hills...but my the rest of my day was spent with a roomful of our Detroit BIGGBY operators in what is called a round particular style of communication is full of passion, knowledge, and the need and desire to do the right thing...and my objective in any communication is to always let all of 'me' shine through...this morning I received many notes from operators that attended, but I wanted to share this one with's why I love what I do!

Thanks for today. Simply, I appreciated the frank conversation, information and the demonstration of your depth of vision. Some folks may not appreciate the examples but I believe you clarified your position well. Decisions are made for reasons and its good to know a bit of history about the past to better understand the decisions you make for the future. Change is uncomfortable another detail to manage. Stagnation is catastrophic. I choose change, I choose continuous improvement. You talked a bit about Ford Motor, your father was there and I still am. That is a wonderful example of too little too late, a lack of leadership, box checking as well as unreasonable cost control that resulted in a reduction in value for the customer. Its all about the customer one at a time. I was your customer today and left satisfied.
On another note. The more I learn about this business the more I realize I don't know. The education I have received moving through this process has been costly financially but priceless in that I couldn't have learned it any other way. Also, thanks for your offer of help and your cell phone number. Just a few more weeks and I will have some first hand experience. Can't wait. I expect that is when I will need a little help from a lessons learned perspective. Again, thanks for today.

So, keep it real, B-Happy, make friends, and love life!

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Anonymous said...

Bob always shares his passion! He speaks of others being like drinking out of a fire hose... His style is that also. Keep sharing... Keep being you! We love it! There is so much more to learn.