Monday, October 6, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE becomes a movie set!

A note from Jenene


Fyi - Movie shoot occurred today in the store. What an exciting day!!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the actual scene, but I did see the short version of rehearsal when I was able to correct the script. The script called for the customer to mention a "Frappacino" and I was kind enough to point out that wasn't a word in the Biggby Dictionary. Cups were stacked everywhere with the intention of having them fly when the stunt man threw the barista into them. It was a 'swarm' of big B's. Additional shots were taken from outside presumably with Biggby Coffee in plain sight. For the most part everyone around us was excited and there's been quite a bit of chatter about it, including on a couple of radio stations. The actors donned our orange polo shirts (one was donated by an ex-employee who was all too thrilled with the idea that his shirt was going to be seen in a movie). Thought you would like to know that the Biggby logo was very evident in the scene of this movie.

I'm sending through some mediocre pictures - best I could do from my iPhone.


The Butz Clan said...

Jenene - thanks for sending the note! Exciting - the name of the movie is DEMOTED - look forward to seeing it in a theater!

Anonymous said...

Jenene- Promise you will not leave us for an acting career!

Tony D.

Anonymous said...

How cool is that? Celebrity status at the local BIGGBY! Can't wait to see it in the movie!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool. I forgot when that was going to happen, wish I'd have been there to watch in person!!

Anonymous said...

Companies hire consultants and spend big money to get this kind of product placement. Cool!

Anonymous said...

What store was this at???? I've been to several, but all look alike so I couldn't tell by the picture :-) hee,hee,hee