Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun from K Holly Photography!

Celebrate & Welcome! Click on the Original Blog

Today’s the day! My blog’s birthday! And now the birthday of BOTH blogs!

On October 5th, 2007 I started up my photo blog. It was just a place to put some of the pictures I’d been taking. I had no idea it would grow so fast or so much! If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ve seen many changes - two website designs, several logo redesigns, and many many blog facelifts. I just never could get my blog looking the way I wanted it to with the functionality and professionalism I was looking for. So, in celebration of my first blog anniversary, I decided to do a whole overhaul. It’s fun, pretty, clean and simple, with room for nice big wide images! It took some time, and I have to say - my web design and programming skills have been thoroughly dusted off and on their way to polished! I was even able to upload all my blog posts from there to here. Woohoo!

Hope you like it, find it easier to read, see the images, and comment. I had a few people tell me that they were never able to comment on my old blog. So, I cordially invite you to comment freely. In fact, commenting on this post is all you have to do to win…..

K. Holly Blogiversary Giveaway #1!

This would also be a good time to tell you that there will be several fabulous prizes throughout the week! The very first contest is today - all you have to do is comment - I don’t even care what you say. Be Clever. Be Random. Be Unique!

So, Vanna, what do they win? The early bird gift for being here on a Sunday! A Biggby Gift Card! (Don’t know what Biggby is? Well, then, I suppose you’re not in West Michigan. We’ll make it a Starbucks Gift Card for you!) Why Biggby? Because they have served as my office and living room many, many times. If I have a bunch of work to do but can’t bear to be in the house anymore? Biggby. Meeting clients & friends? Biggby. Bringing in thank-you (or apology!) lattes to my wonderfully amazing coworker? Biggby!! Not to mention, Biggby Bob’s blog and emails are a pretty fun read ;) So I’m sharing the love… and lattes. I highly recommend the Sugar Bear! No wait, Teddy Bear. No, Caramel Marvel… Or the Hot Caramel Cider… Hm… Hey, Winner - take me with you! :)


Mistress Meeyee said...

Give me coffee!!! I have a cloic baby and must stay awake at all hours,I need coffee!

Anonymous said...


Biggby Bob, you just made me feel famous :)