Friday, October 10, 2008

Farmington Hills -- BIGGBY COFFEE

I had a great time with Irma and the Gang....I met so many customers and bought so many drinks it was silly....special shout-out to Michael (great conversation)...Marc it was good to meet you...Salam and Amhir...I appreciate yer' loyalty and I love that you love the coffee! Sophia, Jeff, Rich, Larry, Pete, Beth, Ed, Jamie, Fred, Bill, Sam, Bruce, Rick (keep workin' hard on the GFS truck 'go food service!'), Jill (thanks for being my friend on facebook--see you at kari's store), Jamie, Rob (sorry your in financial services right now) Latoya, Terri...IT WAS JUST AWESOME! Anyway I interviewed Monica on my way goes:)


Anonymous said...

Nice work, Monica! Great to hear Irma laughing in the background too! Love the Cayaos, love the crew, you should too--go see them!

Anonymous said...

Rick, LaToya, Fred and Bill
Jamie, Rob, Terri and Jill
It's all just names to me.

But to reporter Bob
They're great people, not a mob
They're customers at Biggby!

Michael said...

I think instead of getting rid of the trash from Michigan we should find some 20 acre piece of property and pile it all up and make the worlds largest sledding hill. Think of all the fun we can have with the worlds largest sledding hill in our back yard. Take a negative and turn it positive and have a blast in the process.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Detritus fellow? First of all, he can not spell his own damn name. Then the poetry is lame. I think he needs to go back to selling insurance or whatever it is he does in his cloistered existence. Finally, there's no wit. Whatsoever.
OK, we agree that Biggby Coffee is good, but so what, so does everyone.

Hey Bob, still on the shoe size kick? I wear 11's if you care to know. But I bet you only care about women's shoes.

BIGGBY BOB said...

michael....that's called Brighton :)

BIGGBY BOB said...

half's not a fetish, just a curiosity, ya'know?

Tony said...

Monica -
Great interview and what a BIGGBY personality. Full of energy, fun loving and customer focused. It's no wonder the Cayao's store continues to grow.
Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Monika Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Great job Monica! Sooo sorry I wasn't there that day. I hope to have some fun with Bob when our store opens!