Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Animal Testing!

So we're rollin' Reb Bull out in all the stores and although it's not my thing, a lotta people like it...the only way I would let it in the door though, is if I could make a drink out of yeah, it's the now perfect drink called the RED BULL CREME FREEZE...bloody awesome (cuz, I think the stuff straight out of the can, tastes a little funny) this makes RED BULL taste good (you'll see)

Now I heard that RB does funny things to ya' and in the interest of putting this idea to rest...I tested this product, take a look :)


The Butz Clan said...

I bet that homework was PERFECT!

JD said...

Hilarious! I can only imagine what would have happened if a kazoo was thrown into the mix... -JD

Anonymous said...

for those of you who wonder what happened AFTER i had the red bull, i did my homework at supersonic, then crashed. but i DO want more.
the red bull hamster

Anonymous said...

You're busted! This is bordering on child abuse. It's o.k. if you choose not to drink decaf, but to allow your son to "pound" Red Bull and other various drinks, loaded with hypereactive ingredients, is inexcusable. It looked like poor Dillon was going through some kind of "hazing", in order to get into the BBC (i.e. BIGGBY Bob Club).
Shame on you.
P.S. How did the homework turn out?
The Coffee Police

BIGGBY BOB said...

The homework was perfect...and time was saved! allowing more time with legos...a perfect world!