Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Ramblings of a Princess...

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Unedited comment!

Biggby Coffee = my new fav place. This week they are having FREE COFFEE!!!! Let me try to explain to you how amazing this is. I LOVE coffee. College coffee = utter nastiness. Biggby coffee = quite tasty and available in many different flavors. It isn't weak and watered down, or way too strong, it is pretty much perfect. being a poor jobless (in search of a job) college student means that I can not afford to purchase Biggby Coffee - like ever. I have other, more important things that I have to spend my $$$ on. (shampoo, nylons, etc.) So when my friend, Heather, (who works at Biggby) told me that they were offering free coffee all week long, I was ECSTATIC!!!!! Imagine a little elf who shows up in your dreams and fills your wallet with $$$ - and when you wake up your wallet is actually full of cash - yes it is as amazing as that!!!!! To be able to walk into Biggby Coffee and get as many cups of coffee as I want is DELICIOUSLY AMAZING.

This morning I awoke at my usual time - 5am. Most mornings I try to get to breakfast a little early, and I usually give myself about 45min of extra time each morning, just in case I forgot to finish an assignment or I need to do my dorm duties. This morning I was completely ready to go by 6:36. The only thing rushing through my mind was BIGGBY COFFEE!!!!! Strangely, the other girls in my room were also ready to go unusually early. We jumped in the van, and headed off. (ok we didn't actually jump, that was just a colorful use of verbs)

I got a large hazelnut coffee this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After classes and chapel I headed back, once again picking up a hazelnut coffee for myself, and also grabbing a cherry coffee for John (according to him, it was quite tasty). Biggby Coffee is just down the road from the college, so I can go there frequently. I will probably be back there tonight, just before dinner. I don't want to drink all that caffeine too late at night.

As of right now coffee = happiness. The weather has been chilly and rainy and the hot, bold flavors of Biggby Coffees really hit the spot. I shall be taking advantage of the free coffee all week long.

Eloquently Yours,
Your Highness
Princess Lynn


Princess Lynn said...


note to Bob Fish: thanks for the comment on my blog :)

John Pavlick said...

Yeah! Go Lynn!

If anyone cares, I'm the guy on her blog that has blood running down the side of his face. :D


The Butz Clan said...

Lynn - I love your passion - maybe you should be a barista as you work your way through college???? JUST THINKING.....

Princess Lynn said...

Yeah, if only I knew someone who could get me a job at Biggby Coffee! *cough* *cough* *howsaboutit,bob?* *cough* *cough*

Anonymous said...


How cool would you be to hire that poor college student...imagine the awesome posts I'm sure she would write singing the praises of her new place of employment....I'm sure the local paper might even find it such a warm and fuzzy, not to mention newsworthy story...the possibilities for publicity are endless!!