Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Training at BIGGBY COFFEE -- Turning it Upside Down

I rarely reveal inside secrets...but I happened to stop by the Training Center, and there was a class in was very impressive!

I took eight minutes of video, but have condensed to about 50 seconds.

To protect those present I have blurred the subjects...but other than that it is just raw footage.

WARNING...our training is fast paced (more than any other organization that I know) and quite intense if you think this will make you squeamish...DON'T WATCH!!!

BTW sorry Dr. J :)


Anonymous said...

I think its time to tell Jeremy to lay off the espresso :)

Anonymous said...

When did Jeremy learn to walk on the ceiling, and will he show me? Other than that, it's about how I remember training, though there didn't seem to be quite as much audience participation. :P

The Butz Clan said...

Helium lessons from DR. J! I agee Daman exactly as I remember training too - except I had to sit next to Emily - oh my!

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since my training but that's how I remember it! He didn't use helium then though. :o)

Love ya' J, you're the best!!

A2 Lebowsky said...

Their Tiny, Their Toony, Their all a little loony :) Reminds me of the voices in Tiny Toons. Love the sharp Aaa at the end.

Anonymous said...

One question...Espresso or Boosta?
~Steph =)

David said...


JD said...


It's kinda' like the video of you, except I managed to stay up there...


p.s. that clip of you is PRICEless.