Tuesday, December 16, 2008

90,000 cars...Utica Opening!

Utica was the first of three stores I visited today that had their Grand Opening. Joe is the owner..and he was a busy guy today, I managed to grab Jamie instead for a few moments and she talked a little about the staff, marketing, and the BIGGBY WAY!

Her favorite drink...a mocha mocha woth soy and orange...whew!


Lunatic Ravings said...

chocolate and orange..OH MY! It just proves that ladies can make chocolate go with anything, true chocolate lovers!

JD said...

We call that drink the Mandarin Mocha, kinda' tastes like a coffee version of those foil-wrapped chocolate oranges.

AAAAAnyway, awesome bit of signage there, and I'm glad you managed to snag Jamie for an interview--real high energy and a lot of fun to have in class, I'm sure she, Joe, and the staff are having a ball!

Good luck and congrats on the opening!

Anonymous said...

A bit of advice to the Butkovich's, Joe senior and junior: stay in the background! You guys can't hold a candle to Jamie. Now there's a personality:)