Monday, December 1, 2008

Lots of Fun at Biggby... next stop my Alma Mater!

Just what I like to hear! (something fun!)

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It was great to see many of you at Biggby Coffee yesterday for the Storytime & signing event. Lots of kids colored their own interpretation of Janelle (the main character of "Who I am not what I am"). I will be posting those photos on this blog in the near future. Some people added glasses to the sketch of Janelle and others gave her blond hair. I had lots of fun with this activity because everyone gave a unique quality to Janelle. This emphasizes the fact that the world is full of great people who all have different qualities. At the end of the event the wall was covered with the same photo but all of them were unique. I hope that this blog reinforces that being different from others is normal and it is ok if you are the only one in your class with glasses or braces. It's also fine if you don't have the newest clothes or the most friends. What is truly important is your attitude and the way you treat people and yourself. Being kind to others is a quality that makes you more attractive than a complete makeover from a well-known store. Loving yourself is great because you are special and you should be proud of that.


Anonymous said...

Biggby Bob ----

Today I was shopping.. and I saw PRE-PACK BIGGBY COFFEE @ BUSCH'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
... I was so excited to see it there because it hasn't ever been there before.
p.s. (5 mile and Sheldon in Plymouth location)

BIGGBY BOB said...

Thanks Firehose!

and thanks for all yer fun comments on YouTube too!

JD said...

Tara (and Janelle) seem to be a good fit philosophically with BIGGBY, thanks for sharing her message, Bob!