Monday, December 8, 2008

B - PROUD! BIGGBY COFFEE -- Founded and Grounded in Michigan

So I received so many comments about this blog by Mark Gilman...I just had to post it.

I appreciate it to no end as somebody who hears it every day!

I mean we've been lucky as all get-out posting better same store sales growth than any of our competitors (chain and independents alike)...and I've been wonderin' why? ...but then, I don't have to look shops are local...they are the community, the back yard that we used to talk to our neighbors in. I've been out there doin the SPOT BOB thing...and I hear this over and over again..."I'm comin' here because your local, from Michigan, it's a good story, I want to support you!"

Warms my heart to hear stuff like this, because I know people wouldn't keep coming unless we were as just as good or better than anybody else...and we are better, just so you know :)! And...I know if people have a choice between approxiamate equals, but one company profit goes away to some other City and State and the other stays in the community...Well I think it's smart to keep it local and in the community.

'Course we have stores outside of the state too, but the thing about BIGGBY COFFEE is we are 100% franchised...what does that mean? Well to me it means that it's always local ownership (the franchisee)...and if it's always local ownership the money always stays in the community. it's the perfect model, ya'know?

Thanks Mark, for making the point and making the are representing a lot of people out there!

Sometimes you just have to save yourself ......

Posted by Mark Gilman at Monday, December 08, 2008 Read it on Mark's Blog

While everyone continues to look to the federal government to rescue our beleaguered state - I think it's high time we started looking inward. The Governor believes that Obama's economic stimulus package is somehow going to find its way to Michigan. Seriously. That's her plan for getting the state out of its economic tsunami (as my friend John Ziraldo likes to refer to it).

One thing we could all do immediately is start backing our friends and neighbors by watching what we purchase and whose services we use. It goes deeper than buying American cars (which is a necessity). It goes to the very heart of supporting our friends and neighbors in our purchases. Case in point - Biggby.

Born and raised in East Lansing, Biggby franchises (formerly the politically incorrect "Beaners") are not only owned by a number of former auto engineers, supplier executives and folks who've cashed out of the auto and manufacturing industry to try something new, (and for some, a last hope) but the company itself uses only Michigan vendors. Now that's refreshing. They're also popping up all over the place and one of the few franchise success stories around.

Now let me first state that I have two real vices left - cigars and coffee. I've been a Starbucks addict for decades, but frankly have grown tired of having my money go to the corporate shirts in Seattle. Now, don't get me wrong, Seattle is a fine, wet city with its own economic issues, but I live in Michigan and so do the people I care most about. And while frankly, Biggby coffee is not nasty enough for me, (a'la Starbucks) it is a good cup of joe (especially when they roll out their Michigan Cherry, which I've begged the corporate folks to make available more than once a week) and a little cheaper and for crying out loud, supports those same people I care most about (and you).

This is just one example of a small way you and I can help this state, without a government handout. If we continue to buy online for stuff made in China, avoid the local franchisees and entrepreneurs in Michigan, shop at the national chains and buy foreign cars - we deserve what we get. If you're unsure who is based where - check out the membership list of local chambers or - just ask. Restaurants, coffee shops, clothes stores, hardware, etc. - they all have examples of Michigan-based entrepreneurs pulling and holding onto the purse strings.

One big economic mess, one small step for Michigan's future. It adds up.


Anonymous said...

It's the right time to buy local, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Not nasty enough for you? Weird.