Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pick one and we got it!

I went to Shelby Township after Utica ('bout ten minutes away)...Dave owns the store (and I chatted with him an' Bob for about 1/2 and hour, we solved all the automobile company issues, then Bob explained why my FLEX slides in the snow when I ride solo) anyway, I met Danielle and she was doin' an awesome job...ust watch!

And more outdoor!


Lunatic Ravings said...

Daneille - love the energy..but you sorta brainwashed on that corporate stuff...HAVE FUN!

JD said...

Hey, Lunatic! You're acting like that brainwashing is a bad thing!
Nobody would know who BIGGBY is today without a little bit of brainwashing along the way ;)

Signed--the guy with the operating philosophy avatar (and active Kool-aid server).