Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Charlotte, MI.....go Gail !!!!

This was my last stop of the day...and I'm glad I had a chance to stop by.

Gail was a little shy and not much of a media hound...and really didn't want to be interviewed. But Gail is the real deal...she had a fun interviewing method for her staff (could be considered cruel and unusual) but it sounded fun to me!

I had a coupla' fellow tweeters follow me here to this location and we had a chance to say hey...it was a great meet you 'fingerscrossed' :)

Gail and her family have been workin' hard and I just got word that they did near 500 cups their first day (WOW!) ...but after you listen to Gail you'll know why:)


Lunatic Ravings said...

CONGRATS to Gail and the team! SUPER opening! Have fun today - you make we want to come over and order a Teddy Bear right now!

JD said...

I feel like a bit of a broken record on this, but I've had the opportunity to talk about this a few times now on the blog, and I'm not apologizing, but the team at this store is fired up!

Yesterday afternoon, Shannah (who seems like a bit of a celebrity with a percentage of the customers that have been through here) led the group behind the counter in a little synchronized jazzercising.

This morning when I asked the Milksteamer at the time, Gary, to move over to cash to get some practice there, he shimmy-danced his way down the line, in time with the music, to the point of purchase area.

There's been lots of singing, dancing, clapping, and tons of great customer interactions. This kind of energy is not uncommon in the BIGGBY world, but the most important ingredient in creating this kind of an environment is having an operator like Gail who empowers her staff to have that kind of fun, and to wrap the customers in to it.

It's been a great couple days, and everyone is having a blast--come visit if you can!

Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here..
from above the 45th parallel....

Good luck and enjoy...It sems like the BIGGBY family just continues to grow..
I think its love
anyway, since MI is home, an extended family member living in
Charlote, has expressed to yours truly...
She loves her BIGGBY in
Charlotte, her drink..
Carmel Marvel skinny..no whip, (extra hot)---she is vrey happy that they now have a BIGGBY in her town...
So there you are...
something like this...
no matter where you go, there you are
Congrats and have fun.
much BIGGBY love
Nick and Chanin are the greatest
I wrote too many papers in my college years. I am not fond of punctuation or capitalization, sorry Jeremy
Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th
Its game day, GO STATE