Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tony & Andrea engaged at BIGGBY COFFEE 11-26-08

Tony & Andrea
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Tony and Andrea....congratulations! ...on your engagement :)

This continues to happen at BIGGBY COFFEE...engagements and weddings...and it couldn't make me more happy!

I remember the first time this happened at the first BIGGBY location back in 1996, and it made me so proud that people would meet, fall in love, get engaged, and get married all at BIGGBY COFFEE...it just validates how people think of us as part of their community!

many xoxo's for your future :)


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JD said...

Tony and Andrea--To a lifetime of shared cups of Hot Cinnamon Spice--Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

JD is right on, on their first date and on the day they got engaged - Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea - we are going to try and help on the wedding reception too! TCB

Congrats to Tony and Andrea!

Anonymous said...

What a great sign that people are comfortable enough to make BIGGBY apart of their important life decisions. BIGGBY is just like another family member!

Anonymous said...

aww how exciting :D :D