Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't like beer?

Stumbled across this blog entry by Steph Go to pun intended

Have some alternative hockey beverage options:

The Red Wings have joined forces with a college kid's two best friends - booze and caffeine. Granted #8 and #5's attachment is a little more classy than your average undergrad's method of indulging...

Biggby Coffee, formerly Beaner's, which holds a dear place in my heart as the coffee shop I'd always stop at on my way in to my former job while in college at the bleary hour of 7 am (those were the days), has also decided to partner up with the Red Wings and offer a new "Number 5 Latte" in honor of the Wings' Nicklas Lidstrom. There's no word on what is actually in the drink - the closest Biggby comes to a description is the promise that "THIS ESPRESSO BASED DRINK WILL BE A SLAP SHOT TO YOUR TASTEBUDS" - but if you stop in to any Biggby location on a game day wearing Wings gear you can get a dollar off the "super cup size" and try it out for yourself! Coffee and hockey? How could it be bad?



Anonymous said...

Steph--it's white chocolate and raspberry, with Hockeytown red sprinkles on top of the whipped cream...deeeeee-lish!

Anonymous said...

Steph - if I were I would ask for that drink with an extra shot of boosta! Ask your turns it into a hat trick vs. just a slapshot TCB

Anonymous said...

The title confuses me.