Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cindy -- Off Duty

Talk about team spirit...this store has got it...and Cindy is a great example. I was just pullin' flaps, when she came in...I chatted with her for a bit and thought 'I gotta interview her'...there was so much positive chi, ya'know? If she were workin' for me, I mighta' just given her a raise right on the spot...but that one is not for me to decide:) But after calling the Pat and Dana...'perfect'...ya never know, it might just happen, you decide :)


Anonymous said...

Cindy - BIGGBY is better then every other coffee shop out there, but it is becaue of people like you, Dana and Pat! GREAT job! TCB

Anonymous said...

Cindy has a great attitude ... bright and fun, just like her scarf =)

JD said...

Alright, Cindy! Nice to see another member of the initial staff, and great interview--nice work!