Friday, February 22, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Grand Rapids 28th Street

Hey all,

While I was at my meeting in GR, Tim the co-owner of store #152 in Grand Rapids gave me a jingle and he invited me to drop by. I was kinda dissappointed cuz' thats the store I decided I was going to go to after my know, I wanted it to be a suprise. But I'm glad he wanted me to swing by too. They bought this location recently...and I had heard they were pumping some fun and energy into the place, but I was hardly prepared for what I saw. Man alive it was was about two o'clock in the afternoon and there must have been 10 people waiting for drink (and it's not because the baristas were moving slow either) and then a couple more deep at the cash register....I snagged a seat and didn't jump in the line right away....I just wanted to watch these guys operate for a while (Co-owner Pete was there too). These guys are friends as well as business partners....they are 'poetry in motion' to observe.

Brittany, Pete, and Andrea at 2:30pm....they just got done serving their 478 beverage.

They have been operating this store for only a couple of weeks.....but already everybody knows's somethin' else. I would like to bottle and sell the combined energy these guys exude...if your not happy after visiting this store then you don't have a pulse. If your ever in the area, you have to come here....if the coffee doesn't wake you up they will!!!!

Have fun guys....and for anybody lookin' for my next move I'll be in our Maumee OH location at about 6:30 tonight! See you soon.

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