Thursday, February 21, 2008

BIGGBY Training Center

Good Morning!

As I was leaving my shift on the B-Heard Hotline...I stopped by our training center to see what was going on. Actually I already knew....because we had "new franchisees" trouping through the office all day, visiting with various support within the office, including Marketing and Design and Planning.

The Training Center serves a lot of purposes including test kitchen, but my favorite thing to see, is what you see in this picture....Education! The center is essentially a working cafe and the seating area is used for classroom learning. With 72 stores under contract you can imagine there are classes going on all the time...four different locations are represented here...

The bonding that happens with new operators that meet each other in class is wonderful...these are friendships and relationships that never leave them, and it is not unusual to witness a dialogue that goes on for years after this first class.

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