Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Mt Pleasant Opening

Hey All,

I am here in Mt. Pleasant on opening day (the day after Presidents Day) .....and it is cool!

Mike Densmore (the owner) is all fired up....yesterday they had a soft opening that produced around 300 customers. Today is the official opening and as I sit here I am watching customers come and go....the staff is excited and smiling....but more importantly so are the customers.

I ran into another operator that is still looking for property in Grand Rapids.....it's nice to see the kind of support that operators show for each other.

I have been hoping for a location in Mt. Pleasant for a long time....we have so many people from the Mt. Pleasant area that come to all our other stores throughout Michigan...it's nice that they have one of their own. On a personal note (and slightly shelfishly so) I am glad to have this store and the Gaylord store to stop at so I can get my coffee fix all the way up North.

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