Saturday, February 23, 2008

On the road...

Good Morning,

Just a little recap of the rest of my day yesterday....I had to hustle back to Lansing and stop by the office, then I was off to Toledo. I stopped by the Maumee location at around 6:30 but it was just a brief visit and I was totally mesmorized by the new sign..shining bright...
I was driving back at the very safe speed of 70 miles an hour...honestly I have gotten my share of tickets...and so it's not so much that I want to drive the speed limit, but that I have too. It was getting on about 7:30 and I was starving. I pulled over in Brighton MI to have a burger at Lu and Carls....while I was there I listened to a nice guy playing the guitar and singing in the corner you can check his website out at . But another funny thing happened, and it happens a lot....especially when wearing BIGGBY server used to be an employee at a BIGGBY COFFEE at location inside the library at K-college, her name was Tara Gravelyn....she said she loved working there and really respected the company and all that we accomplished. The world is a small place, because the President of the company Mike McFall is a graduate of KC (he is a trained economist).....that's part of the reason we have a location there.
TARA at Lu and Carls
It's always nice to run into people like happens to me all the time with customers and employees of BIGGBY COFFEE....they always have such nice things to tells me that we have to be doing something right, to positively impact so many peoples lives.

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Anonymous said...

Good God, do I love this blog. This is the best thing to happen to our extended BIGGBY and human family for a long time. Way to go, Bob.