Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- East Lansing on Grand River

Behold Whitney! Ran into her last night she works at the Michigan Athletic Club (the MAC)....I went there for a quick run....I prefer to run outside, but when the snow gets above my ankles, I take a pass. Instead I hit the MAC (5 times around the track makes a mile) that's fifteen times around for three miles, a little boring, but I bring music (it helps.) Whitney spotted us with some B-logo stuff on, and had to let us know that she is a regular at the 24/7 location....the original store, for those that don't know. She is an MSU photo journalism student and lives right behind the store. Basically she can't start her day without stopping into that store, and apparently the East Lansing location has been the subject of many a photo journalism project for her. The baristas there have gotten used to her stopping by and snapping some impromtu photos much so that when they see her coming they don't know whether they should start her drink or make sure their hair looks good! Anyway thanks Whitney...and send me some of those photos....

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