Tuesday, July 1, 2008

B Happy

B Happy
Originally uploaded by A2 Lebowsky
Nigel...is not just a chimp, he understands summer and embraces it! Ya' gotta relax ya'know?


A2 Lebowsky said...

Nigel wants to get one of these cool cups for a friend in Texas. They don't have Biggby in Houston, but he still would like them to B Happy =)

The Butz Clan said...

What is Nigel doing for the 4th?

A2 Lebowsky said...

Starting his day at Biggby =)
Haven't decided after that

Anonymous said...

We seen some of Nigel's cousins hanging out at Greenfield village. We're thinking of springing them from their place and taking out for some BIGGBY? Glad to see Nigel came out to play! Happy 4th! The Haworth's