Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ele's Place -- Help Lend a Hand !!

Every year we have helped raise money for Ele's Place Click here a healing center for grieving children. Ele's is a spectacular organization and money is raised in a variety of ways....but my favorite is the 5K event...if you would like to make a small donation (anywhere from a $1 to $49) please follow this link.... BIGGBY BOB's donation page


Anonymous said...

If you are unable to walk/run show your support by donating to the B95 team! This is a wonderful group that helps many hurting families. Come by and cheer on BIGGBY Bob! It's a great event! Cathy

Anonymous said...

We'll be thinking about all of you participating on the B95 team! We know you will make us proud and wear the orange and black well! We are pretty lucky to belong to such a great company that cares about their community!

Have fun!
Tammy and Julie
Store 246, Big Rapids

The Butz Clan said...
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The Butz Clan said...

As know Bob is a little competitive so if you choose to help a good cause but you don't want to help Bob be victorious within our corporate team - click above and help out Ele's place!

Tom's Donation Page