Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Something Dorky

So I am on my way to Allendale today and just before I leave I noticed that I was low on gas....well that's the last time I thought about it!

I was on the phone the whole way here (there is a lesson in here somewhere :))...anyway once I got to Allendale I thought I would check out the GVSU campus (wow it is beautiful!), then I started heading to the store, and oops the car started sputtering (I ran outta gas can you believe it!) DORKY!!! Well a nice gentleman from the Quaker Oil change store helped me out and drove me down to the Speedway for some gas (I filled up his tank for the generosity of his time and was such a nice thing he did for me ya'know?) As it turns out he had been to the BIGGBY here and knew Mary Lynn and the gang.

Well I finally got to the store (albeit a little 'hot n sweaty')....the crew is awesome here....a real reflection of the ownership. I felt like I've been comin' here for years...anyway, just to give you an idea they sold me an 'Irish Cream Wild Zebra' not my usual (as you know)....but it was irresistible! I also was talked into a Grande instead of a Tall....but I'm always a sucker for a good sales job :) Well there is no doubt in my mind that this store has got that BIGGBY magic fer's bubbling out of everything they do! I love you guys!

I watched people come n'go...everybody is happy...everybody knows each other...I wouldn't change a thing!

So I filmed Sara (sp?)who was the one who sold me my drink (by the way I met a half dozen other BIGGBY staffers while I was there and every one of them was better than the next...anyway in the middle of this interview an 'old old' guy comes up to the register to buy a paper and I asked him how he liked his coffee...and he said he wouldn't order it he says "not much" so I try to turn the discussion to something else and he interrupts again to say "I wouldn't order that again" (funny as all get out!) I spoke to him later and apparently he ordered an 'iced coffee' which for us is an 'Americano over ice'....but he was used to going to MacDonald's where 'iced coffee' is actually and 'iced latte'....very confusing, so anyway he was still Happy, but the drink didn't meet the expectations that he had in mind!

Oh well it was one of the best visits I've ever had at a and see:


Nigel T. Monkey said...

'Irish Cream Wild Zebra'
Sounds yummy, what is in it?

Hope to see some of you Thursday evening in Ann Arbor for the Washtenaw stores 2nd Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog Bob, you truly show the spirit of Biggby. Sara was awesome as well.

The Butz Clan said...

Bob - you running out of gas lends itself to so many comedic comments..I will just have to pass out of respect!

Anonymous said...

Bob- This gave the FST's a good laugh. I don't think you'll live this one down. I'm glad you weren't in the middle of nowhere, though.

Anonymous said...

Bob~What a great story! you had us laughing! I'm glad it all worked out though! Steph

Mary Packer said...

I can't believe I missed you! I am there most every day and was there in the morning. I would have even helped you get gas!! The people there are AWESOME, they have fun and it shows!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! No surprise to me, Mike

Anonymous said...

Ask Bob what the "rest of the story" is on the gas.... Clh

JD said...

Portland, MI--hoot! I wonder if Sara is from Portland, then? She certainly had the City of Two Rivers things out there pretty quick, so even if she's not a native, she'd have street cred here. ;)

Nice work, Sarah...entertaining interview. If the veterinary thing doesn't work out there's always comedy!

When are we going to see some of these bright shiny Allendale baristas out to Lansing for some PERC or MIT classes? I'd love to host them! Thanks, -JD