Wednesday, July 9, 2008


And so we're open a day in Davison....and across the street is a McDonalds that chose to give away free coffee and such.

Well I appreciate the competitive spirit...but really? I mean you can call it coffee, and a latte, and a cap...but it all ends right there. I tried the stuff, and I appreciate the effort, but it's just not the same. But besides that, they just don't have that 'BIGGBY WAY', no fire, no energy, no chi, no happiness, no can change the lights, you can use different fabric on the furniture...but without our people ya' got nothin'

So, Mickey D
I love yer burgers
You do'em just right!
Coffee though, is not your might
Give it away all day
but ya can't compete...
With the BIGGBY WAY :)


The Butz Clan said...

Bob - you are a poet and we didn't know it!

I have been in many McD's since they launched this product line and have many stories to tell but let's just say we are 100% in agreement!

A2 Lebowsky said...

I haven't eaten fast food in almost 6 years. The food doesn't bring me in, so if I want coffee I'm going were they make it good...Biggby!

Anonymous said...

The BIGGBY WAY is the ONLY WAY when it comes to coffee! Just think though... Once people think they like the "fancy drinks" from McDonalds, they will want more... Then we have a whole bunch of new customers! I actually attempted to try a McD's coffee one day and couldn't do it. I find that true with most of the other coffee shop drinks. I am definitely spoiled by the BIGGBY WAY... Superior product and WONDERFUL people! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Travel the whole world wide
And in all the places you see
You can stop a spell and have a cup
Even at Mickey D's

But wherever your journeys may go
Whether by land or sea.
You'll never get a better brew
Then you'll get at Big B.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a series of poetic lines. It is true though, they can't compete with the product or the atmosphere that Biggby Coffee provides!!

JD said...

Oooh! Count the English major in!
A pair of haiku:

a cup of lava
one sip--eeee I think I'm done
Must be McCafe

the world's best java
passion, energy, and fun
B - The ONLY Way

Anonymous said...

I have tried McD's cafe drinks and they are ok, but that's it. Biggby is my favorite. I can't wait till there are Biggbys everwhere so my friends in other states know what I'm talking about :)

Keep doin' what you're doin'